Little Tiny Computer Ramble: Syslog Server and UPS Test

I’m looking for your help in setting up a syslog server, if what I want to do with one is even possible. I suspect it is, but I’m finding the documentation for rsyslog to be rather opaque. If you have a better suggestion for software, a procedural guide better than what searching the web has produced, maybe some better documentation…even if that suggestion runs to using a totally different operating system to facilitate use of different syslog software, I’m fine with that idea and would like to hear it.

Multiple rulesets in rsyslog may be what I’m looking for.

Also included in this video is a test of simple signaling communication capability in an old APC Back-UPS BK300. To my great amazement, it actually worked really well! If you want to do the same, you’ll need an APC 940-0020 cable, for which APC Schneider Electric will happily extract $30 or (probably) its equivalent in your local currency. I’ll bet the person in China who actually made the cable isn’t seeing that.

These do show up on eBay for considerably less, and you can also build your own. Or if you really don’t care how hacked together something looks, you can take the pinout and jam wires in the appropriate pins on the UPS and your PC.

I’m lazy, so I got mine for around $10 still in the sealed package. Manufactured in the middle of the year 2000 and just a few months prior to the UPS it’s connected to, this cable was indicated as being for use with LANtastic, which I’m amazed to report is apparently still a (slumbering) thing here in 2016! (The box also contained instructions for other systems, including Windows NT 3.51 and OS/2!)

APC UPS cables with letters after their model numbers simply indicate newer revisions, and will work identically to the original cable. Caveat: the 940-0020C contains some additional wiring and circuitry whose purpose appears to be waking up a sleeping computer so that any UPS monitoring software can initiate a shutdown. It will, however, work where a simple signaling cable is called for.

Rsyslog Homepage:
APC Simple Signaling Cable Pinout:

This is another “straight-through” upload done by simply using VideoReDo Plus to glue all the clips together with no other editing. I tell you this as even though I’d like to say I’m just that good when it comes to timing things, that’s not true. Catching the UPS just as it hit the low battery mark and apcupsd responded was done by enabling the Canon FS200 camcorder’s pre-recording mode, which captures three seconds’ worth of video in a circular buffer. Just another feature you won’t often find on a modern consumer-grade camcorder… (I’d say “you won’t” but that’s just begging for it.)

Post time: Nov-24-2017
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