Learn all about HPE’s PDU and UPS families [CCEN]

HPE offers many easy to use solutions for all of your power needs. This Coffee Coaching session looks at two different HPE rack power solutions: HPE Power Distribution Units (PDUs) and HPE Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPSs).

Rack power distribution units (PDUs) for servers, storage, and networking are an effective way to deliver the required power and gain visibility into the power conditions at any time. HPE’s uninterruptible power systems or UPSs are designed to protect critical equipment from power disturbances and ensure system reliability and data integrity. An HPE UPS is the single most cost-effective measure to assure system availability and uptime.

Read our blog on HPE PDUs and UPSs: https://hpe.to/6004Bvr6C

*Models AF533A, AF523A, AF520A, AF522A, AF521A, AF532A from Intelligent PDU serie are not available in EMEA market

Post time: Dec-01-2017
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