Lead Acid Car battery to Alkaline rechargeable battery conversion

Lead Acid Car battery to Alkaline rechargeable battery conversion.
I took a common dead lead acid car battery and performed a conversion to Alkaline via Alum powder.
Before the conversion this battery was ready for the junk yard and didn’t hold a charge any more. After a lot of cleaning with baking soda water to neutralize the acid we did the alum powder water conversion.
After some brief testing I noticed the converted Alum Alkaline battery had good power and seemed to hold a nice charge. I will update you guys with my latest findings as soon as I do more testing. Please do not try to do this at home, acid is very dangerous and should only be attempted in a safe environment and with the proper safety equipment.. Also please check with local and state laws as to the disposal of chemicals and waste materials.
I hope you enjoy this video!

Post time: Jan-30-2018
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