inside look KD 600w grid tie inverter

inside look KD 600w grid tie inverter, I have received a total of 2 of these from china in non working condition + wasted 2.5 months waiting on shipping & still have no working unit, I broke 2 of my own rules, 1) always make l purchases over $50.00 with credit card not from bank, that way if paypal tries to screw you U can charge back, 2) always buy solar stuff from within your country, that way if there are any problems they can be resolved quickly @ a lot cheaper return shipping, but I was taken in by the cheap price getting a 600w china inverter from china for half of what I pay for a 300w china inverter here in Canada was too tempting, lesson learned I will put this right up there with the fake cheap mosfets I bought a few months back.

KD-GTI-600w grid tie inverter supposed to be 10.5-28v DC input 90-140v AC output.
Diodes used in this unit are D1 & D8 = AKA U1660G (common cathode dual)
D24= MUR2060CTR (common anode dual) both of these diodes cross to a fairchiled number

AC mosfets RF 7,17,18 & 8 = F30NM60D
DC mosfets RF 10,9,12,11,6 & 5 = HY1906 or ST75NF75

Post time: Dec-27-2017
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