Industrial IoT – Make Your Own UPS for USB Powered Devices

See for more info! **Update: This video is from our legacy Android app! Valarm is Industrial IoT. We recommend you use dedicated Valarm connector devices, like WiFi or GSM sensor hubs for your Industrial IoT applications, remote monitoring, water + fluids telemetry, and sensor deployments. Dedicated sensor hubs are more reliable, readily available, cost-effective, and flexible than Android phones or tablets. You’ll find your sensor hubs here

More on air quality monitoring, PM2.5, Nitrous Oxides, Ozone, Dust, Particulate Matter, H2S, SO2 / Sulfur Dioxide:

Need to monitor water and fluids for effective water resources management? Have a look at

We’ll help you, your teams, and your business with Industrial IoT applications using Valarm Tools Cloud. Have a look at Valarm’s Industrial IoT Customer Stories page for more on how these remote sensor monitoring and telemetry solutions are deployed in various industries –

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We recommend using GSM, WiFi, or ethernet connector devices / sensors hubs with any sensors since they’re much more reliable than Androids for Industrial IoT applications like:
- Natural resources
- Agriculture
- Oil & gas
- Governments
- Petroleum
- Water + fluids

You can use Valarm Industrial IoT, telemetry and remote sensor monitoring solutions with any of the following connector devices:
- WiFi Sensor Hub
- Ethernet Sensor Hub
- GSM Sensor Hub

Valarm Industrial IoT sensor data is GPS-tagged, time-stamped, and sent to Valarm Tools Cloud / via any internet connectivity like WiFi, ethernet, or cell network. With Valarm Tools Cloud you’ll find services for mapping, graphing, and APIs like JSON to help you with your real-time, geo-enabled sensor monitoring and Industrial IoT applications.

Valarm compatible sensors and Industrial IoT hardware are available at

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you, your teams, or your business needs have any questions or need help with deploying Industrial IoT applications –


Learn how to build your own ultra-compact UPS for Valarm systems! You can use the Valarm Pro app for remote environmental monitoring, mobile data acquisition, and asset tracking: . Get Valarm sensors and hardware at .


Hello, my name is Edward and I’m the president of Valarm.

This video demonstrates a UPS or uninterruptible power system for Valarm and other remote monitoring environments. It is based around an uninterruptible power system controller which is a lithium ion charge controller that has a charge sharing circuit.

Here we have power from the mains into the charge controller. The battery is a 6600 mAh (Milliamp Hour) 3.7V lithium-ion battery. Here is the 3.7 V to 5V booster to provide power to the USB bus.

This is a Valarm y-cable that allows this Sony phone to have power as well as USB OTG control of sensors such as air quality or in this video you see a 5 channel electrical resistance sensor.

The point of all this is that when you unplug the power everything remains powered, the sensor is still alive, power is still going to the 3.7V to 5V converter and the Android phone is still charging and actively running the Valarm Pro app. This is all thanks to the lithium-ion battery backup.

When you plug the power back in you’re now charging again and everything remains alive and powered.

If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact us at .

Note that here we used a smallish battery. Batteries are available up to 15,600 mAh and even larger.

Post time: Jan-12-2018
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