Increase Car Audio Power 25% – How To Install Big Three Upgrade – Easy 15 Volt Stereo System Big 3

This video will explain everything. Complete Big 3 Upgrade Installation Advice & Tutorial UPDATED VERSION

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Written Step By Step Directions:

Step 1. Buy Battery Terminals That Fits 0 gauge Power Cable
Step 2. Find A Safe Chasis Ground
Step 3. Grind Paint Off Chasis Area
Step 4. Connect Chasis To Negative Battery
Step 5. Find Engine Block Ground
Step 6. Connect Engine Block To Negative Battery
Step 7. Connect Positive Alternator To Positive Battery
Step 8. Charge System Capacitors ( If Needed )
Step 9. Replace Fuse
Step 10. Play Loud Subwoofer Bass Songs On Your New Stereo!

Mike From Maxxsonics:

1. Front ground is best on strut tower bolt which goes directly to your actual frame of the vehicle rather than the flimsy piece of metal most people use. (sand well)
2. Ground in the rear? of the vehicle at the strut tower bolts rather than the flimsy metal as well. (sand well)
3. Fuse the cable from your alt to your pos battery terminal just incase it shorts.

Make sure it’s oxygen free copper! ~ Output High Voltage ~ Here we come!

Post time: Dec-08-2017
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