IC LED is the world’s first dimmable wholly integrated circuitry of LED lighting, with LED wafer and all wafer components of driver being integrated and packaged on a ceramic base. It’s a breakthrough innovation with specially designed circuits and use of the most advanced packaging technologies in solid state lighting industry.

IC LED is the most cost effective solution for high quality LED point source of lighting including lightbulbs, downlights, spotlights, track lights, etc. which can be widely applied in residence, retail, offices, public and commercial buildings, hotels, restaurants and hospitals, etc. Since it’s small and slim, currently at merely 28mm*28mm*1mm, IC LED is ideal for mainstream lamps and light applications and gives great flexibility for simplified and compact luminary design.

———— WHY IC LED? ————

Incredibly CHEAP! IC LED is the world’s lowest cost lighting modules with high quality. By omitting packaging of individual electronic components and LEDs, minimizing the number of electronic components used, and automatically packaging all wafer components in one go, ICLED is up to 70% cheaper than existing LED lighting equivalents of comparable quality;

UL, CE, RCM, 3C etc. certifiable and conforms with safety regulations worldwide;

TRIAC dimmable;

Longer product lifespan. With excellent heat dissipationof electronic components and LEDs, IC LED has better and stable productperformance as well as low luminous decay of LEDs, leading to a longer product lifespan;

Input voltage upper range can be adjusted to 300V to fit the power grid conditions in certain regions;

Superior Performance:
- System luminous efficacy: up to 102 LM/Watt
- Power factor: 0.9
- Color temperature: 3,000K ~ 6,000K
- Color rendering index Ra: up to 90
- Poke-in wire connection, no additional wire required

Post time: Mar-01-2018
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