How to wire Drum Switch to reverse single phase 1/4HP 120V motor

How to wire Drum Switch for reversing single phase 1/4HP 120V motor.

It took me waaay too long to figure out how to do this, but I reckon it’ll be worth it. Its not been a huge rush b/c the main thing I want to do w/ it is reverse my old Craftsman/Atlas benchtop lathe.

And the main reason I want to do that is just for when I’m doing brake jobs I can scuff discs & rotors & sling all that crap downward away from my face & nose. Maybe even catch some of that crap in a trash can or something. Anywhere but up my nose & in my face.

IMPORTANT FACT; drum switches are either 1phase OR 3phase, apparently they’re NOT universal for either type. So, totally IGNORE what I said about 3phase, please! Do NOT ‘git’ hurt/injured NUNN!! Its NOT my fault if you do/did, just BE CAREFUL out there peeps!

Always, always double check everything; make sure the Power is OFF &/or UN-Plugged, USE your inductive Hot Stick, Outlet Tester & Multi-Meter before you test or do anything, thats what that stuff is for, so USE it.

Here’s another helpful wiring clip for 220V 1phase, & for 3phase applications:

A follow up clip I made:

take care,

Post time: Mar-10-2018
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