How to safely precharge inverter capacitors (PowerJack 5000W 48V Inverter Charger)

Danger lurks when connecting batteries to inverters! The larger the inverter the larger the capacitors inside. If fully discharged they will act like a short circuit when DC battery(ies) are applied. Violent, destructive and potentially dangerous arcing can occur. Using a simple 240v FILAMENT globe (now potentially rare?) as an inline resistor to limit the “inrush” current flow, these capacitors can be safely charged with the battery until the (capacitor) voltage of the inverter (measured at the large DC battery connectors) almost matches the battery voltage. Only then is it safe to complete the DC battery inverter circuit, avoiding arcing and any risk of blown fuses.
Safety warning: Wear protective eyewear at all times when working with “live” electricity above the range of 10V and 1A. Also, if a novice, or even an “expert”, have someone nearby or even assisting you in the event of an unforseen mishap.

Post time: Feb-14-2018
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