how to revive old car battery dead cell

got another battery to mess with…. lets see how it does…any interesting facts will be in description

battery voltage started at 11.7 right off the charger
1/25/14 well got it off the charger after 2 hours and it has 12.53v holding 2 hours after taken off charger
1/29/14 lookin better had it on float charger overnight then sat 24 hours holding 12.55v
2/6/14 had it on float charger for 4 days then off for 24 hours 12.53v
2/16/14 had it off charger for 24 hours still only 12.57 volts getting better I guess
10/25/14 junked the battery months ago. would not hold above 11.5 volts after a few days.

Post time: Jan-21-2018
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