How to Repair FAFCO Solar Panels

FAFCO Solar can save you lots of money on energy costs on pool heating and household water heating, but sometimes FAFCO solar panels leak.

Not to worry, repair of a FAFCO solar panel is detailed in this video. This repair method will fix leaks in all FAFCO brands, including Sungrabber, Revolution, Revolution ST, “Solar Bear,” and the FAFCO 200 & 500 Series solar hot water system.

You will need:
– FAFCO Tube Repair Kit (tube-cutter, plug-insertion tool, repair plugs)
– Measuring tape
– Marking Pencil
– Water

Step 1: Locate Leak in the FAFCO solar panel.

Step 2: Cut insertion holes (for repair plugs) in the FAFCO solar panel tubes.

Step 3: Wet the cut-out area on the FAFCO solar panel.

Step 4: Insert FAFCO Solar Panel Repair Plugs.

Repair plugs can be purchased online:


Post time: Apr-09-2018
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