How to pick the right battery for your motorcycle, ATV or UTV.

One topic we’re hearing more about than nearly anything these days is batteries. New technology is allowing batteries to get smaller, lighter and stronger, but which of these new-tech power pellets is right for you? Here’s a list of some of the most popular batteries types, along with some of their features and advantages:

Lead Acid: These batteries are a little old school, as they do not come from the factory filled with acid. You’ll need to source that separately and fill the battery yourself. There will be a fill line marking the appropriate acid level needed on the battery housing. After this, you’ll have to charge the battery overnight, and then you should be ready to go. While a little cumbersome and time-consuming to prepare, these batteries are also pretty affordable.

Maintenance-Free: Our next battery option are Maintenance-Free batteries, which are really just lead acid batteries that come delivered with a pre-measured amount of acid. You just need to fill the battery, cap it, charge it and go. A little easier to deal with the basic lead acid batteries.

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM): AGM batteries are probably the most popular choice we offer. Chances are, you’ve got one in your right now. These batteries are filled, charged and ready to use out of the box. No muss, no fuss. AGM’s also resist temp changes, vibration and power loss better than standard lead acid batteries. They also tend to be slightly smaller and lighter than previous generation lead acid batteries. The down side? They are also slightly more expensive.

Gel: This is a slightly higher-end battery option that is even smaller, lighter and (unfortunately) more expensive than AGM batteries, but since they are filled with a gel matter, they are also even more resistant to vibration. Gel batteries can pack a more powerful punch than previous batteries types, too.

Lithium Ion: These little power packs are the most advanced batteries available today. They combine ultra light weight and huge cranking amps into an incredibly small package. In fact, these batteries are so small, most manufacturers will provide foam pads to ensure proper fitment in your stock battery pan. Many racers use these batteries to ensure that their machine is as light as possible. Lith-Ion batteries can be very expensive, though, and sometimes are finicky with standard battery chargers, but overall, their advantages easily outweigh their disadvantages. staff is ready to help with any of your battery questions. No matter what your bike or budget, we’ve got the battery for you. Check us out today!

Post time: Feb-03-2018
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