How To Light Up Your Halloween Display & Holiday Decorations Need lights for tombstone and gravestone decorations? Here is a quick run through of the different set ups for our Halloween lighting we use in our yard haunt at our home during October. We like to use more LED lights than incandescent bulbs for obvious reasons like energy usage and control-ability. We connect hundreds of lights together and tangle them in between and through all our static, pneumatic, and motorized props in the fenced in space to help prevent theft. All the cabling joins together and connects to terminals mounted inside some home made enclosures spread throughout the yard and walk through maze. After we test to make sure they all work we go through and choose which colors we want the RGB to shine on each area and prop, whether its the pet cemetery, the trees, the side of the mausoleums or each tomb or grave marker. The maze lights were connected to dimmers so we could lower the brightness of the halls so you could just barley see as you walked down each hall in the crypt. Many of our lights were purchased online in bundles and rolls for various jobs and projects. We try to use all the scrap pieces and solder them together to make up most of the lighting for the gave yard and tombstones. Most of the modules we use run off 35 milliAmps and since there’s 1000 milliAmps in an Amp and most of our old phone chargers and power supplies that are 1 or more amps allow us to run several lights off each power transformer. after we wire many of our sign modules we place them inside white plastic tubing and tape up the ends with black electrical tape. We have also made many boxes out of wood and lighting gels tinted in many colors. There are defiantly fancier ways of doing LED lighting but this is a easy do it yourself way to wire and weather proof your lighting for the yard haunt. If your interested in how we wire up our lights for our haunt please check out our LED Lighting Part 2 I would love to control everything from a light board or computer in the future but for now this way works pretty well for us. What ever way you decide to light your haunt lighting is one of the most important necessities for a successful Halloween haunt. It will get the people to stop and your pictures will turn out so much better when the lighting is just perfect. More importantly more scary! Also be sure to check out our wiring LED lighting video to see me solder and heat shrink up the connections to modules and water proof ribbon lighting.

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Post time: Mar-19-2018
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