How To Connect RV Converter Box To Solar Powered Inverter

You can install an inverter in your own RV very easily but there is a slight modification that needs to be made first. Read the full article:

To set up your RV to run solar power and use an inverter to power you AC appliances you will first have to remove the original RV power converter box. This box converts AC shore power into 12 volts DC which powers your RV lights and accessories.

In most older RVs this converter box is generally cheap, simple and inefficient. It can also ruin your batteries because it puts out an unregulated DC voltage to the batteries continuously. This will eventually boil off your batteries rendering them useless.

This video shows you how to remove the original power converter box while leaving all the rest of the RV wires, breakers and fuses intact.

You will also be shown how to connect an inverter into the AC junction box in order to run AC appliances on solar power.

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Post time: Dec-23-2017
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