How to build CHEAP solar panel – EASY DIY

How to build CHEAP solar panels at home – DIY

Every day, carbon dioxide emissions and toxic substances in the atmosphere increases, the toxic substances produced by the combustion of fossil fuels, thus gradually destroying our planet. Therefore, the introduction of “green energy”, which does not adversely impact on the environment, has already cemented himself as a basis for new base electrotechnologies. One of the bases of these technologies to produce clean energy is a technology that converts sunlight into electricity. Next will talk about solar panels, as well as their opportunities at home.
At the present time in the form of electrical solar cells manufactured in an industrial environment, are used to the full and partial energoobespcheniya and heating supplies at home, and cost in the region of 15-20 thousand dollars in warranty work for 25 years.
Solar energy is divided into heat-and power supply. In the case of heat-using solar technology. If energy is the photoelectric effect, which control the generation of electricity in solar cells. Next, I will describe the technology handmade solar panel.
Technology handmade solar is not complicated or even very simple and accessible to all. Almost everyone can assemble solar cells with relatively high efficiency at low costs davolno. It is environmentally friendly, profitable, affordable and fashionable lately.

The choice of solar cells for solar panels

Will start to create solar power, you need to remember that in the manual assembly of solar panels do not need to immediately assemble a fully functional solar power, its future will be increased. If the first exeperimental handmade positive, then after it makes sense to increase the functionality solnechnoyelektrostantsii.

First of all you need to know what a solar cell, solar cell – is primarily a generator that runs on the photoelectric effect and converts solar thermal energy into electrical energy. Quanta of light, which are produced by the sun fall on the silicon wafer and knock electrons from the last atomic orbital of silicon. This effect creates a large number of free electrons that form the flow of electric current.

Before you start to assemble solar cells to make a choice in the type of photovoltaic cells. Photovoltaic cells: monocrystalline, polycrystalline and amorphous. For hand-built solar panel often choose easily commercially available polycrystalline and monocrystalline solar modules.


Solar panels are made of polycrystalline silicon are quite low efficiency of 7 to 9%, but this disadvantage is compensated by the fact that polycrystalline panels virtually reduce efficiency in cloudy and overcast weather, warranty performance polycrystalline elements is about 10 years. Solar panels on the basis of single-crystal silicon elekmentov have a higher efficiency of about 13% and terms of efficiency priblezitelno 25 years, but single-crystal elements greatly reduce the power when they hit the absence of direct sunlight. The value of the efficiency of silicon can significantly vary from different manufacturers. In practice, the operation of solar power plants in the field can be said about the service life of monocrystalline panels for over 30 years, and for polycrystalline modules – more than ountry have a smaller angle (spring) w Mechanical control angle solar panel.

Industrial solar panels are often equipped with special sensors that allow the movement of solar panels in the direction of the sun, which greatly increases the cost of solar panels. But just as there can be applied manually mechanical steering angle of the solar panels. In winter, the solar panels should be almost vertical to avoid overlap of snow on the solar panels.
Scheme for calculating the angle of the solar panel, depending on the time of year

Solar panels should ustnavlivat the sunny side of your house to stay for a light day of sunlight on solar cells was possible. Depending on the geographic location of your home and the time of year is calculated optimal angle for your location.
Selection of the optimal static angle for roof type monocrystalline solar system

In the construction of solar panels, you can choose a variety of materials by weight, and other characteristics. But the choice of materials should be considered the maximum permissible temperature of the materials, as when using solar modules at full capacity the temperature should not exceed 250 degrees Celsius. At the peak temperature of the solar modules lose their function of production of electric current.
Ready Solar is often not the expected cooling of solar modules. Manual production can include solar and cooling and control angle of solar panels to adjust the temperature of the module, as well as choice of transparent material which will absorb infrared radiation.

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