How to Backup Computer – Free Trial Online Backup

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How to Backup Computer – Free Trial Online Backup

As we continue to make progress technologically, the number of threats is increasing every day. As long as the data that we use daily are safe, we have peace of mind. But, what is the guarantee that all of the data in your computer is for ever going to remain safe. One way is to take offline backup in some storage device. The downside is you need to do this regularly and keep files up to date manually. Imagine, if you had an online backup tool that allows you to simply drag and drop files into a cloud storage space with just a few mouse clicks, wouldn’t that save a lot of time. This is what does. It is a free online backup cloud service that allows you to download a backup application, install it onto your computer, and upload files onto cloud storage.

To get started with how to backup your computer, here are some guidelines.

You start by downloading a backup application from For that, visit the website, and register a free account. Once you are through with the registration, login to your account and download the application onto your local computer. As you do with every other installation, simply click on the installer and follow the steps to install the backup application. Then, start the back application and type in your credentials to back up your files. Now, by default, the application selects “My Documents” to upload to cloud. You can leave it as it is to upload the data of “My Documents”, or you can choose a custom folder to upload. Alternatively, the application has a drag and drop pane where you can simply drop selected files to upload to cloud. Moreover, you can easily control the upload operations with Start, Stop or Pause buttons.

After you backup your files online, managing the uploaded files is much easier. The application has an internal browser that allows you to browse all the uploaded files. With the help of Restore button, you can restore any of the uploaded files back to your computer. In the same way, Sync button allows you to synchronize data between the cloud and your local computer. So, there is no hassle of manually checking all new files and uploading them. To make things even easier you can also schedule the upload process according to your convenience.

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