How an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Works with a Generator

An ATS or AMS unit can be a handy device to have when a power cut or mains failure occurs. With the increase of diesel and backup generators flooding into the market and the mindset of concerned home owners after a disconcerting winter, an ATS / AMF unit – which stands for automatic transfer switch or automatic mains failure switch – can become a very useful piece of kit to couple to your generator.

The idea of an ATS unit is to automatically switch your household demand for power from the national grid in times of a power cut, over to a generator without having to even be in the same location as your backup power source. However, a lot of people don’t or can’t quite get their heads around how it all works, so we’ve put together this video with a qualified engineer, to simply but effectively illustrate how an ATS works when the power goes out.

Take a look and hopefully this will shed some light on the subject.

Post time: Oct-14-2017
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