Home Security Camera System Surveillance Setup: How to Best DIY IP Installation Placement HD CCTV 16

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How to Home Security System Surveillance Camera Setup: Best Do it Yourself DIY IP Installation & Placement. HD CCTV 2016

Security system

Main Goal – Monitor your home more efficiently than security companies for less expensive. To do this your focus in my opinion should be to GET THE LICENSE PLATE number of any intruder with a time stamp, and have it upload to a cloud, without a monthly bill for monitoring. In my opinion facial recognition is second to getting the license plate. When my home was robbed the female thief wore a hat to avoid facial recognition.

Since there are 100′s of factors into selecting a home security system I will only go over why I selected what I selected.

Start with Placement-

Best place I found to get a license plate number of a car in my driveway or in the street was right around where my driveway porch light was. This only works with a strong camera. Therefore I had to find a camera and a porch light that I could fit to each other that looked discrete and not too ghetto. I will link to the Porch light I bought in the description below.

Camera Selection

The biggest factors in selecting an outdoor camera is that it is strong enough to pick up the license number. Two main factors: First is the Size of the lens. I chose a camera that is varifocal in other words it doesn’t have a fixed size. This is because you’ll have to adjust the lens size so it is close enough to pick up detailed license yet zoomed out enough to pick up the entire landscape. This gives the zoom effect yet still keep the image sharp enough. Note: Zooming in on a computer is blurry and doesnt gain detail. Alone, it will not pick up the license like they do in the movies. Second is the Megapixels of the camera. This is important but not as important as the lens size. The higher this number is the less you have to be zoomed in to read a license.

Other important features I like are IP camera’s, which mean they plug into your computers network. This isn’t too complicated these days and it enables me store all the video on a cloud instead of a dvr, which can easily be stolen.

If you can run ethernet wires I would avoid using wireless cameras. They are more glitchy, bog down your wifi, and are way more expensive.

Lastly make sure it is an outdoor camera if you don’t want it to die the first time it rains.

Camera’s come with tons of bells and whistles but I found most were unnecessary and I didn’t even use the other features much at all. That’s why I chose the camera I have linked to in the icon in this video and in the description below. It is the most affordable as well.

I drilled holes in the light frame and connected the light and camera with zip ties. Then I ran the wires through the back of the light. I cut an insert in the top of the light for the camera wires. The drilled a whole in the wall and ran the wires to my ethernet so I can control the camera through my computer.

Software Selection.

I will link to my ideal software selection in the description below. This software is great for 6 reasons. First. It works with most IP Cameras and you can always add new cameras that suit your needs. Two, it records only with motion detection and does it really well. Three, they make set up straitforward which is normally complicated. Four, It includes a times stamp that makes it useable in a court of law. Five, very importantly it stores “immediately” to cloud if you uncheck this box here. Should a thief break in and steal a DVR or Your computer and it is all saved there then your security system is worth nothing. Six, it has a great phone app so you can view your cameras anywhere you get internet.

It is a one time purchase for the Desktop and another for the Phone app. If you buy it from my link below they will email the activation code and you can wait for the product in the mail or download the program right away as well. CUT—-I will not go over Software set up since every computer has a different set up and you can look yours up when you purchase the software.

How to Home Security System Surveillance Camera Setup: Best Do it Yourself DIY IP Installation & Placement. HD CCTV

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Post time: Nov-08-2017
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