HHO Pulse Charger V2.0 – Over Charging a Gel Cell Battery

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Here are we sending a combination of 1.00 ohm, and a 134 ohm coil discharge at the same time, into a small 12 volt gel cell battery. The 2 coils combined gives high voltage, plus low impedence (low ohms), which is the holy grail of radiant charging. With this setup you can charge things faster than 1 single coil alone.

If we wanted to gently charge the battery, we simply disconnect the 1.00 ohm coil, and charge it with the 134 ohm coil which can “top off” the charge without excessively boiling the battery. I used both coils “primary” and “secondary” just to show the charging effect.

Gel cell’s are not supposed to contain any liquid, yet you can hear them boiling. I don’t know how, but you can hear them boiling when they are charged beyond their full capacity. That’s how you can tell they are done charging.

Updated: 02/17/2017

Post time: Mar-16-2018
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