Grid Tie Inverter + Battery Solar Wind Project Emergency Backup + Save $$$ With The GTI Controller

How to keep your batteries charged and ready for emergencies with a GTI Controller from you can send the excess power to the grid! You can lose up to 50% of your energy when you charge and discharge your batteries so why not keep them always charged up and send the extra energy to the grid?

Find it at eBay or:

Runs your Grid Tie Inverter when your batteries are fully charged. Gives the batteries priority in first thing in the morning for less sulfation. Later in the day just before sundown the batteries get a nice “topping” charge.

Works with 1 or 2 300W GTIs or 1 x 600W GTI. Works with any solar charge controller or hydro or wind.

Adjusts to all conditions, the batteries always get priority over the GTI.

Easy to install, battery in and GTI out.

Also see a easy way to have solar hot water with no plumbing necessary at:

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Post time: Feb-08-2018
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