From 158.0 to 159.3, direct battery and wire swap

+1.3db by switching from XS Power to Northstar and switching wire to GP OFHC Merica wire.
Will have a full video feature on this build shortly, no wall under the window line in the cargo area of a ford explorer. We worked on this till 5a.m. and was simply exhausted. Still gained 1.3 from the direct swap. This also included removing a battery from under the hood, so one less battery also. We still have to replace the the main runs from front to rear bank also and add some chassis grounds, just no time to get to it. 4 agm31 as the rear bank, clamping 17,200 watts voltage dropping to 12.5v (his current alt is a 220 amp) this is 2 American Bass 1100.1 strapped at 0.66!
Here comes the 60s! Just need another full day on this one and we will have it.

Post time: Dec-06-2017
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