Free Energy DIY GTI Solar Grid Tie Inverter Sun spin meter backward

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This video shows the Sun-600G Grid Tie Inverter – GTI – in action. This is the 600 watt 22-60 volt unit tied to two lead acid batteries recycled from a hospital emergency generator. Hospitals change their backup generator batteries every two years, even though the battery commonly has a 5 to 6 year life. We have 390 watts of off grid PV charging these batteries, along with four 6V GC1 (Golf Cart) batteries with a Morningstar charge controller. This video answers several questions we had about these inverters, including, can you use them with timers to utilize the stored power during peak electric rates (YES!) and do they work off batteries instead of solar panels (YES!). These inverters have been online for about 6 months. You can see an output of about 290 watts (from just one inverter), this is with the batteries fully charged, but the sun was setting. Input voltage was 26 vdc. We have noticed if the battery voltage gets to 23 vdc, one of the units will shut down. We figure this is a good thing, even with salvaged batteries, they are hard to come by. Tesla & Edison would be proud! We can simply add panels and inverters to increase output.

Post time: Feb-12-2018
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