Fredericksburg Virginia Solar Panels – Solar Photovoltaic Panels – Solar Systems

Fredericksburg Virginia Solar Panels – Solar Systems – Solar Photovoltaic Panels

Teakwood Solar — a division of Teakwood Enterprises, Inc is committed to providing quality service for our customers at the best possible price. ( We strive to show respect to our customers, their property and our employees while achieving excellence in our work.

Energy costs will continue to rise. Even with tremendous efforts to conserve, our energy demand will still continue to increase. We must find ways to produce energy such as solar photovoltaic panels ( also known as solar pv panels ) and other solar energy solutions.

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Approximately 50% to 70% of all energy consumption takes place in buildings. What if we covered our buildings with energy generation systems?

Teakwood Solar is a dealer and installer for the new “Solar Shingle” solar energy roofing system. These are esthetically pleasing, durable, and economically feasible roofing systems that protect your home, the environment, and your pocket book.

Virginia Solar Photovoltaic Panels – PV Panels – Solar Energy Systems

We also carry a new line of “thin film” flexible Solar Panels that can be installed anywhere and in any configuration. In addition, we provide the economical standard solar panel.

With existing tax credits and incentives, Teakwood Enterprises can show you how to produce all the electricity you will ever need and pay for it in as little as 10 years.

Virginia Solar System – Solar Photovoltaic Energy – Fredericksburg VA

Virginia is a “Net Metering” state. That means that you can actually spin your electric meter backwards. You are still connected to the grid but, during peak sunlight you can “sell” electricity back to the power company.

You can pay for your Solar Systems in three ways.

First, by generating your own power, the money you would have paid the power company you can now put in your own pocket.

Second, the federal government currently provides a direct tax credit of 30 % for qualified “Alternative Energy Systems”. This is money you keep for yourself instead of sending to Uncle Sam

Third, utility companies are currently required to generate a certain percentage of their total output using renewable sources of energy. To meet this requirement, they are willing to pay you to help produce electricity. Solar Renewable Energy Credits or “SREC”s is an exchange program that allows the utility companies to “purchase production capacity” from individual producers like you. This is market driven, but could amount to hundreds of dollars paid directly to you. Go to

Teakwood Enterprises can design a Solar System to fit your needs and your home. With the traditional “solar panel“, the “thin film” solar, or the new “solar shingle”, we can find the solar option that is just right for you.

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