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Teakwood Enterprises Inc is committed to providing quality service for our customers at the best possible price. We strive to show respect to our customers, their property and our employees while achieving excellence in our work. ( Teakwood sells and installs 3 types of solar systems. The traditional solar panel, the “thin film” systems for metal roofs and the new “solar shingle.”

The “solar shingle” is an esthetically pleasing, durable and economically feasible roofing systems that protect your home, the environment and your bottom line.

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Solar power is also an attractive investment due to the added value it gives a home!

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Solar panels are also a great investment because solar cells can last a lifetime!!
•The energy and heat from the sun is free. Once solar panels or solar thermal collectors are set up, there are no electrical expenses necessary to power them.
•Solar power from solar panels is non-polluting. Unlike oil, solar power usage does not emit any greenhouse gases, nor does the acquisition of it harm ecosystems through spills or dredging. This is probably one of the primary advantages of solar power.
•Solar power is a renewable resource. This means that we are not in danger of depleting its reserves.

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