EverExceed vplus inverter charger

Vplus Inverter Charger(Long Backup DC Home UPS)
The Vplus is a powerful true sine wave inverter & a sophisticated battery charger with intelligent battery management system (BMS) that features adaptive charge technology, robust inverter technology, and a very highspeed AC transfer switch in a single compact size enclosure. Vplus optimized the intelligent battery management to maximum the battery service life with automatically charging management, equivalent / floating charging mode management. Adopted the cycle tracking algorithm, Vplus transit time less than 10ms (electromagnetic relay default), parts replacement can be achieved uninterruptedly (time 0 second delay switch). With precise voltage and current detection function, Vplus could give the appliance perfect protection against over voltage / low voltage / over current.

Application: V-plus inverter charger can be widely used for backup power system, like ATM, Medical equipment, laptop/PC/server, apartment/villa, school/gas station etc; now it’s greatly demand around the world.
• High frequency inverter & SPWM technology, smart & compact design, light weight;
• EverExceed world leading precise real-time phase tracking technology ensure the Vplus series:
– high charging current & high efficiency up to 95% which can fully charge batteries in short time and reduce battery loss to ensure long backup time to save your overall cost
– supply uninterruptible power to critical applications like ATM, Medical equipment, laptop/PC/server, apartment/villa, school/gas station etc
– high reliability even under much complicated unstable city power situation
– reduce THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) to a very low level(≤1% linear load; ≤5% non-linear load) for a green energy guarantee
– energy saving as standby power, only take over the job when the grid off
pure sine wave output
• LCD displays accurately battery remaining capacity and remaining backup time with intelligent battery management system inbuilt;
• User friendly one button in front to switch on/off and one button behind to revert to factory setting and view battery capacity;
• Precise battery management system(BMS) & perfect protection function;
• Vplus can monitor precisely the city power voltage, battery voltage, input current, output current, working temperature etc. And Vplus has the function of battery charging temperature compensation, temperature controlled powerful multi-fan to ensure high reliability. More, we use separate battery monitoring module which can check the battery charging/discharging current both (0 – - 120Amps), which is Vplus unique feature & leading technology for a precision world. and that means the capacity inspection is not depending on simple reflection to the battery voltage as other’s ups/inverter charger do (this way the capacity reflection not precise since battery capacity not exactly determined by voltage ), EverExceed Vplus battery capacity inspection is based on the battery charging / discharge data itself which means very very high precision and reflect the battery actual capacity which you can depend on;
• Separate charging module ( adopt two step switch forward converter topology), compared to low frequency inverter charger charging mode (no separate charging module simple charging circuit easily affected by the condition change especially the charging voltage charging current fluctuates);
• Remote communication / control function : RS485, modbus RTU, SNMP optional;
• Parallel function optional to meet extended load demand;
• Customization service available.


Post time: Mar-25-2018
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