EMMVEE Photovoltaic Modules – Manufacturing principle

EMMVEE Photovoltaic is a developer and manufacturer of high performance mono- and polycrystalline PV modules and systems in Bangalore, India. EMMVEE has recently entered the field of MW scale project development and EPC in Europe and in India.

EMMVEE was founded by Mr. D.V. Manjunatha in 1992 with Head quarters in Bangalore and sales offices across India, Germany, Italy, France, United Kingdom and Singapore.

The present 135 MW module production capacity is fully automated with state-of-the-art 3S Modultec and Somont production lines. Further expansion plan up to 200MW in 2011 is under process. The main production focus is the on-grid modules range from 175-300Wp.

EMMVEE specializes in manufacturing PV modules ranging from 10Wp-300Wo for on- and off-grid applications as well as standard and customized photovoltaic systems for stand-alone and especially roof top applications. EMMVEE also undertake design, supply, installation and provide after sales service to its customers. Its product portfolio also includes all off-grid Home Lighting Systems, LED/CFL Street Lights, Solar Hybrid Power Pack Systems, Water Pumping Systems and customized solutions for the Telecom Industry.

Today EMMVEE has prominent market share in the PV industry across India and Europe. In India, some of the prestigious projects include both for govt. and private like BHEL, BEL, Renewable Energy Development Agencies of Meghalaya and Chhattisgarh, Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation, BSNL, ETA Construction, C & S Electricals to name a few.

EMMVEE believes in transparency and utilize only the best components (most of them from Germany) to reach the highest degree of efficiency and reliability. EMMVEE has recognition of being one of the first companies to use special patterned surface glass which increases the efficiency to at least 3% compared to a flat glass. The Institute for Solar Energy Research Hameln in Germany documented the efficiency gain. All the modules from EMMVEE are certified and accredited from global standard organizations like TÜV, MCS, UL, CSTB, Clean Energy Council also MNRE and ETDC. EMMVEE Photovoltaic Power Pvt. Ltd. is accredited as channel partner. CRISIL awarded 1A rating to EMMVEE

One of the earliest to enter into the Solar energy business in India, EMMVEE supports the cause to save the environment by promoting the renewable energy usage also has Solar Thermal systems and Glass divisions.

EMMVEE Solar Systems Pvt. Ltd is a developer and manufacturer of high performance solar thermal systems under the brand name Solarizer. The Toughened Glass division caters for its in-house production needs as well as to sectors like construction, architecture, furniture and engineering industries. Today EMMVEE employs 650 well trained and highly motivated employees all over the world working in the segments of solar thermal systems, photovoltaic and glass production.

Post time: Nov-13-2017
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