EmaZys Solar Panel Test kit for Maintenance and fault finding – Z100 PV Analyzer


At EmaZys Technologies, we work with technology that can identify and easily position faults in a string of photovoltaic panels. The aim is to ensure that PV systems deliver the highest possible power production yield, operate safely, and are efficiently and inexpensively repaired when faults occur.

EmaZys Technologies has developed the PV Analyzer Z100 for fast and flexible localization of faults in PV systems. The instrument is based on an entirely new impedance measurement technology. The method and the technology have a number of advantages. Faults can be found with just one string measurement recorded at the inverter terminals, and therefore there is no need for single panel measurements to localize faults such as disconnects, ground faults/Riso and broken bypass diodes.

Post time: Nov-18-2017
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