Eastman Tubular Gel Battery

Eastman Tubular Gel Battery is a fully sealed, valve regulated lead-acid deep cycle battery that uses electrolyte as a gel form immobilized. Gel Battery is built tough and completely maintenance free. Our range of Tubular Gel Solar batteries are all designed to perform maximum possible energy density per unit of volume or weight. We use latest technology and high quality material to build high performing maintenance free VRLA gel batteries that can be used in various applications like Solar energy storage system, Solar Street Light, Solar Wind Hybrid Power Plant, Office Automation Equipment’s, Railway Signals, Electrical Power Systems etc. Tubular Gel Sealed Maintenance Batteries made with robust PP Container design for better strength and heat dissipation, Fumed silica gel resulting in complete maintenance free features, Special vent plugs to regulate inside pressure, Silica Gel suitable for power backup application in tropical climates conditions.

Post time: Jan-25-2018
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