Dynapower USA: SURE STAR High Watts TC-2000RHN4 Redundant Power Supply

Sure Star’s N+1 Redundant series of power supplies offers enterprise-class redundant power solutions for all server systems that need to be doubly secured. It contains two to four independent 650W/700W power modules. Once any single point fails, the spare module will automatically support your systems’ power consumption and keep your systems working properly. All of our N+1 redundant power supplies are equipped with current sharing, universal full range AC input, power fault alarm signals, and alarm resets to facilitate their use and to monitor the power unit. The front LEDs indicate whether the unit is in stand-by, power on, or failed mode. This is a good fit with any of your data center, cloud computing, or enterprise server applications to ensure no power interruptions affect your critical data-processing routines.

For more information, visit https://www.dynapowerusa.com/dyna/asp/SureStar6_TC-2000RHN4.asp

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Post time: Nov-27-2017
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