DIY Lithium UPS Build

I had a UPS blow up so rather than just throwing it out I decided to use an old 6s 16000mah LiPo battery. The battery was no good for flying anymore as it couldn’t handle more than 3C current. But in a UPS it is likely to only ever see 1/2C so it’d be fine.
I used a 240v relay so when the power drops out, then relay will switch from grid power to 240v coming out of a 600w inverter powered by this Lipo battery.
I re-arranged the Lipo from being a 6s pack into a 3s2p battery. I also used a 60A battery BMS with balancing. A cheap 12.6v lithium charger. LCD power monitor TF02N from eBay (large screen)

Post time: Dec-09-2017
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