DIY Lithium Ion Battery Pack and Charging System

DISCLAIMER: DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS UNLESS YOU ARE CONFIDENT YOU WONT MESS UP! LI-ION CELLS CAN BECOME VERY DANGEROUS IF NOT CHARGED CORRECTLY!. I found an old portable DVD player battery that had a built in Lithium Ion balanced charging system (for 2 cells). So I modified it so it would charge 10 cells at once, wired a bunch of dead laptop batteries in 5P2S (5 parallel, 2 series) configuration and tested if it would still charge… I’m not sure about the Amp rating maybe 10Ah.. it took 5x as long, but it works! and now my Li Ions won’t IGNITE! :D

Note: Also make sure the cells you use (in each pack) are of the same capacity (look up the number on the battery to see the amp rating) i.e ICR18650 (which is Samsung Li-Ion 18650 3.7V 2600mAh)

Post time: Dec-05-2017
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