(DIY) [Australia] HYBRID WIND-300w SOLAR-240w Charger system

[view in full screen in 720p HD if able or 480p resolution]
[Correction of various video details the 300w is a Sun-Share 3 phase 12v 6-blade]
[NOT shown in video is R and X Technology 400w-600w SF-600-5 3 phase 12v 5-blade]
[NOT shown in video is Controller (programmable LCD) is a EPWSC06A (200w - 600w Wind) (and 12v 150w Solar) Jiangsu Ecopower Solution Co.,Ltd ]
all from “aliexpress”.
[This controller in this video is a12v LED Hybrid non-programmable (200w - 600w Wind) (12v 150w Solar) bought on "ebay"]
[Blue solar controller is PWM 12v solar charge controller SMG50 ( 50A - 600w) Shanghai Saipwell Electric Co., Ltd. from aliexpress]

Initial testing of tiny hybrid(wind solar) off grid power system generators. Using a 300w 3 phase(correction) “Hyacinth 6 blade 12 volt AC three phase” wind turbine and 3 x 80w 12v panels.
On a 3.5 meter pole.

It is quite true that if the modern house were not connected to the grid , a 2Kw solar controller and a 2Kw wind controller(wind turbine mounted at least 12 meter high or 15 meter above trees) at 48v battery and and (2 x 8Kw inverter -Warn never never join outputs together of two individual inverters to raise power or damage will result!!!! – each are separate and would be out of phase – use the correct size for the job) could be used by replacing inbuilt oven and grill with a 2000w electric hot plate for saucepan, a 1000w accessory grill, a 2000w fry-pan, and a 1100w microwave-grill oven(Warn! – these can draw around 4000w for a period of seconds in use), 1500w kettle, and last but not least a 160 Litre Dux hot water system with a 2400w element.
You can near do that from a set of 2500w inverters. What remains is the computer 500w ,lights=1000w and the TV and air-conditioner would need to be a portable. The battery bank would need to be at least 24 x 80ah deep cycle with a 10 year life-cycle at 20 degrees Celsius and 1400-30-percent-DOD rating. A large number of jobs would be one after the other. Refrigerators and freezers are can be found reasonable size for good energy consumption – e.g. 400 – 500Kwh per annum .



Post time: Apr-02-2018
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