Controller&Inverter/Logic Controller/Charge Controller/Wind Solar Controller/Grid-tie Inverter

Top brand componants from word famous company are used in our Controller and Inverter,such as IXYS,TI,ST,etc.

Design for wind energy and solar energy,Controllers are multiple protecting function. Control of PWM has been application in this control. Re charging of batteries, there are no overcharge and no undercharge. Top brand power devices are applicable to this kind control, long performance life on the safe side.

Principle of operation´╝ÜPrinciple of Parallel connection to resistance is used for this kind control.When voltage of batteries is reaching rated voltage, on one side parts of control start to work automatically by consuming over electrical energy through connected resistance, on the other side, parts safety electric current is kept for charging batteries. Batteries are floating charge after they are full. Either batteries virtual connection or open circuit, wind turbines generator will not turn high speed and lose of control. The important is that inverters will not be burnt out with rise of voltage.

Controller&Inverter/Converter/Logic Controller/Charge Controller/Wind Solar Hybrid Controller/Grid-tie Inverter/Off-grid Inverter/Wind Turbine Controller/Wind Turbine Inverter/Control are well supplied.

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