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Continuous stable output voltage:
No matter how low or how high the AC input voltage is, with voltage stabilizer our inverter provides standard 110V or 220V stable output, which keeps the loading works stably. Wide stabilizing range of AC input optional.

Others: Only a few inverter in the market has stabilizer technology, even they have, they can only provide short time stabilization but not continuously. So the loading can work in short time stably only but not long time. Or their stabilizing range is not wide as ours. And under the unstable AC input situation, most inverters in the market cannot provide maximum AC charging current for battery when it is full load(normally only half charging current by real testing), or they cannot provide stable output wave form when charging battery with maximum current(normally pure sine wave turns into modified sine wave), they cannot have both. What’s more some inverters burns due to this problem and cause property lost of customer.

Ours: Stabilizer and charger don’t influence each other, which keep stability and safety.

Post time: Nov-01-2017
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