Connecting Solar Panels ~ Melanie’s DIY Curtains ~ Off Grid Water

I wired up the new solar panels to the Renogy MPPT solar charge controller in my off grid tiny house on wheels. Melanie made some curtains from scrap materials. And we are working on improving our off grid water supply. Read the full blog post here:

I went out into the off grid battery storage shed and connected the Renogy MPPT solar charge controller that I bought from Preppernurse1 a few weeks ago. The connections are really simple. I wired up the solar panels in series to increase the voltage and reduce losses in the wires.

Next I connected the Renogy MPPT solar charge controller to my off grid battery bank.

Then, finally, I connected the solar panel output wires into the Renogy charge controller.

Now I am pumping up to 1,200 watts of solar power into my battery banks in peak sunlight. Sadly this only occurs for a couple hours per day until I get the trees cut down. I am in a meadow and the trees block the sunlight pretty badly for now.

Melanie got some free fabric at a barn sale and she spent about two days hand sewing curtains herself. She is quite amazing and talented. She slit the material up the center most of the way. Then sewed seams to prevent the threads from unweaving.

She made loops herself as well for the curtain rod. And she sewed in creases in the top of the curtains to give some design to them.

We are both quite pleased with her work.

Chris and I are working on improving our off grid rain water supply. I had ordered some fittings for the IBC tanks off Amazon but sadly they do not fit anything I have although they are supposed to fit all tanks. They came from China and I did not see that until after I had paid.

I went out to the pile of tanks I have out in the side yard looking for something that we can use for the off grid tiny house on wheels. I found two tanks with valves that I can find fittings for in the local hardware store.

I want to connect the IBC tanks to the off grid tiny house to increase our rain water supply. These tanks will be directly connected to the tiny house on wheels to provide water for the kitchen and bathroom sinks.

We still have some cleaning to do in the tanks though because they had held organic glue in them. We are not going to use this water for drinking so dont worry about residue.

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Post time: Apr-07-2018
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