Comparing Ramsond 3000 Watts & Samlex 3000 Watts Pure Sine Wave 12 Volts Inverters.

A side by side comparison of two pure sine wave inverters.

Ramsond Sunray 3000 W 12V inverter

1- Nice looking unit
2- Four regular 120 V outlets
3- One hardwire outlet with cheap rubber cover
4- Output Watts and 12 Volt LED readouts (Do Not register correctly)
5- One USB outlet
6- Under load the 12 Volt feed cables and the 300 A ANL fuse get extremely hot
7- Not a pure sine wave and output lacks power
8- One heat sensing/regulated cooling fan
9- Price $550.00 with free shipping
10- One year warranty

Samlex 3000 W 12V Inverter

1- Well-built/sturdy looking
2- Two GFI outlets with an LED indicator
3- Protected hardwire outlet with a metal cover
4- Three multi-color status LEDs
5- No USB outlet
6- Under load no heat registered on the feed cables/fuse
7- Pure sine wave output
8- Two load sensing cooling fans
9- Price $940.00 with free shipping
10- Two year warranty

Post time: Feb-10-2018
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