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China’s Transit Elevated Bus.

Hi everybody, today I will share about China’s Transit Elevated Bus.

China’s traffic jams are legendary. One jam even has its China National Highway 110 traffic jam. But the country’s epic gridlock problems might soon be a thing of the past if plans for this amazing elevated bus go ahead.
China’s Transit Elevated Bus.
A futuristic road straddling bus able to glide over traffic jams and pile ups has undergone its first test drive in China.
The vehicle, which goes up to 60 Kilometer per hour 37mph, runs on tracks with passenger spaces standing two meters above the road so that two lanes of cars can pass undisturbed underneath, helping to alleviate the notorious traffic jams of China’s biggest cities.
The 2m-high Transit Elevated Bus T E B straddles the cars below, allowing them to pass through.
Powered by electricity, the bus is able to carry up to 300 passengers in its 72 fit 21 meter long and 25fit wide body.

The world learned of the road-straddling bus when a model was showcased at a technology expo in Beijing in May. It generated enormous excitement in a country where traffic jams have grown as the country overtook the US to become the largest car market on earth in 2009.
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China’s Transit Elevated Bus.

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Post time: Jan-09-2018
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