Chasing down the 2stroke scooter guy on my CG JZW Ecomoped

Black is bad ass, 60v 12ah 25mph electric scooter built by me and detailed by my friend Matt Barnes.
Details of bike at
For sale $1100 Cash in the Vancouver, WA/Portland, OR area.
Dealer inquiries welcome, wholesale available.
Basically, I am the mechanic which has been assembling the display models for retail and wholesale. If it doesn’t look right and function correct, I don’t let it out the shop.

Eco Mopeds models are classified as electric bicycle’s (since pedals can be used). You do not have to register it. No insurance is needed and it and can be operated WITHOUT A DRIVER LICENSE. You only need to be 16 years old and wearing a bike helmet in order to ride it. And the best part: The average cost of fully charging a battery is about 10-15 cents! Think of how much you will save on gas!

This is the 60V JZW 48V 12AH AGM lead acid battery version. Uses Absorbed Glass Mat batteries with higher cycles and recharges than standard deep cycle batteries.
Fully assembled and ready to ride with only one minor defect , the rear taillight bracket is a bit crooked.
Straight body, runs smooth, road tested. Pictured of being ridden on youtube at:

Includes battery charger, user manual and documentation is in the works.
Visually inspected every painted piece, weld, tightened every bolt and screw. Wiring harness at two places has been improved for road handling. A few assembly tricks were used to prevent squeaks, rattles, and the battery terminals inside were soldered for reliability instead of just simple push on connectors.
Touched up the few paint nicks and scratches to prevent rust and corrosion and cosmetically detailed and cleaned the factory dirt from the assembly.

Our Eco Mopeds are the ultimate alternative for commuters that need a quick way to get around town but do not want the expense of operating a car or motorcycle. The motors are powered by large high power batteries that will last for about 400 charge cycles. Depending on models and your weight they can also travel up to 62 miles on a single charge at a maximum speed of 32 k/hr.

The stock tires were replaced with 17″-2.50 ” for stability. The long motorcycle seat is comfortable and rear suspension is shocks and spring forks in the front. Side cargo wings that fold down are useful to haul freight and doubles as rear footpegs for a second rider. Front foot pegs for crusing snap forward and lock with ball bearing action.

The entire vehicle is recyclable. Doing the planet some good for a change!

Post time: Jan-30-2018
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