Car Battery Charger 12V Lead Acid Charger Motorcycle – Test


Technical Parameters:
*With Auto Recovering Sulfated Or Under Charged Battery Function
*Auto Battery Recovery Function: RA5015R Can Automatically Recover The Battery During Charging Process,To Extend The Battery Life(The desulphurisation mode is all automatic and there is no way to select it manually. It all depends on the condition of the battery whether it needs desulphurisation)

*Input: AC 100 to 240V
*Suit Battery: 12V 0.9A or 3.3A /2 To 90Ah SLA,AGM,GEL,VRLA Battery Type
*Charge Mode: 4 Stages,MCU Control
*Charge Indicator: 8 LED Display
*Reverse Polarity Protect: YES
*Safety Approval: Meet CE cUL
*Size: 120 x 67 x 41mm

Charger LED Display Status:
*Red Light Flashing: Ud Process
*Red Light: Charging Process
*Green Light: Standby Status, Charging Finished
*Yellow Light: Error

Post time: Mar-14-2018
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