Car Audio Headlight Dimming

You can’t stop dimming completely, just minimize it. The big three help, as well as a stout alternator, but when you reach a certain power level, it’s somthing you juat have to get used to and live with.

System specs –

1 Alpine CDA-9886 Head Unit, With 1 Corsair Voyager 32GB USB Thumbdrive

1 Alpine MRD-M1005 Mono Subwoofer Amplifier. Birth sheet specs are, 1087 Watts RMS X 1 Channel, Continuous Power @ 2 Ohms.

1 Alpine MRV-F545 Mids and highs Amplifier. Birth sheet specs are, 152 watts RMS X 4 Channel’s, Continuous Power @ 4 Ohms.

2 – Alpine SWR-1222D Dual 2 Ohm Subwoofers. 500 Watts Each, RMS Continuous Power.

Box Specs – 1” MDF, 1.2 Cubes per side, sealed in this peticular vid.

1 Set Of Alpine SPR-69LP 6×9 Coaxial 2-Way speaker in front doors.

1 Set Of Alpine SPR-17LP 6-1/2” Coaxial 2-Way Speakers in rear doors.

1 Set of Alpine SPR-176a 1” Tweeters in the “A” Pillars.

Stinger HPM Series 12Ga Speaker Cable to all mids and highs.

Stinger 8ga subwoofer cable, to and in the ported sub box

Stinger HPM Series 0/1ga Power wire to feed the hungry amps. Stinger 0/1 ga Fuse Block Holder With 250 Amp Fuse.

2 – 0/1Ga Stinger HPM Series Battery Terminals.

Stinger HPM series RCA’s used through out. Bass and Mid’s & High’s Amps.

1 – 55 Amp Hour Optima Yelow Top Battery, 1 – 5 Amp Hour BattCap Model 400, 1 – 35 Amp hour Stinger Sealed AGM Battery, 1 – 136 amp alternator.

Post time: Mar-17-2018
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