Captain America: Phase 1-3 Mashup [HQ] – Track 1

Captain America Phase 1-3 Mash-Up [HQ] – Track 1

This is a Custom Extended Theme that contains edited tracks from the original soundtrack (Taking a Stand, Revealed, Siberian Overture, Main Titles, Howling Commandos Montage, Assemble, This Is My Choice, Cap’s Promise, Making Amends, Civil War, Lagos, Larger Than Life, Closure, and various sound bytes).

Message me or leave a comment on any future mashups you’d like to hear!

I do NOT own anything in this video. Music is composed by Henry Jackman and produced by Hollywood Records. Get more info on the official album release and/or purchase using one of the following links:

Captain America: The First Avenger:

The Avengers:

Captain America: The Winter Soldier:

Captain America: Civil War:

Post time: Nov-22-2017
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