Breaking the 50% Solar PV efficiency barrier with Hansjorg Lerchenmuller of Soitec Concentrix Solar

Cost effective Solar cell efficiencies are generally thought to be limited to the sub-20% range. New, Concentrated PhotoVoltaic technology is breaking this barrier (CPV). In this interview with Hansjörg Lerchenmüller of Soitec Concentrix Solar, I find out what it was all about. We explore where they are today. How CPV differs from conventional photovoltaics and Concentrated Thermal Solar. We also examine how they plan to break the 50% efficiency barrier.

Then we switch over and discuss the commercial aspects of it. After all, there are plenty of great lab solar efficiency results that were not manufacturable or did not fully commercialize. Is CPV technology real? Is anyone buying it? Can they scale it to the utility level? Have they put it in the field?

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Post time: Apr-06-2018
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