Best Inverter and Battery 2017 & How to choose explained?

In this video we have explained best Inverter and Battery for home purpose now a days inverter is very helpful in summer to get rid from frequent powercuts and electricity problems in India. in india almost all states have power cuts and problems to get away from that choose best Inverter and power backup which saves us when their is no electricity tried and tested personally recommended that Exide 850 va pure sinewave and with best Inverter you need best battery that is Exide Inva Master 150ah tall tubular battery this battery can give backup to 3 fans and 3 tubelights for 8 hours if u use it moderately and can shift it appliances which you use regularly can sort it with Electrcian when installing inverter for home best part of Exide 850 va pure sinewave is it will display back up percentage using by appliances and power volts receiving water low indicator and charging light

Post time: Jan-26-2018
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