Basecamp 2K Portable Solar Power System Overview

Introducing our new 2000w Portable Solar Generator System we are calling “Basecamp 2K” Because its powerful enough to power a small base camp in a off grid or grid down situation when used with energy efficient appliances. This system is very flexible and can be sized up or down to meet the power needs of just about any situation. Simply add solar panels to decrease recharge times and add LFP 180 battery modules to increase power storage capacity.

This system allows you to power just about any device you would normally plug into the standard 120v wall power socket at your home or office. The only difference is the AC power will be generated from either Sunlight, Wind, or Hydro Power instead the power company who generates electricity via non renewable resources like coal or nuclear power. We like to use solar panels to generate power because the sun is abundant and today’s solar panels do a really good job of turning sunlight into electricity for a reasonable price.

This system is using all the latest technology to efficiently turn sunlight into electricity. The harvested power can be used to power all your most important electronics & appliances while off grid or during any emergency situation like Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, or many other natural or man made disasters.

Post time: Dec-17-2017
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