Automated Solar Panel Cleaning / Cooling System for utility scale & commercial market

” To optimize production efficiency of solar PV system “, ” Mode selection of water use ( water-free or not ) “, ” To clean sand dust, snow easily,safely and conveniently ” , All seasons operation
- Model : Solmaks One, Automated Solar Panel Cleaning /Cooling Machine for utility scale and commercial market (

Our patented SolmaksĀ® is the brand name for Automatic Solar panel cleaning robot ( Cleaning/ Cooling ) to remove dust, sand particles, snow, debris, coal dust, salt, leaves, bird drops, etc . on the surface of solar PV arrays(panels) conveniently and safely by spraying with water(or without water use), brushing as well as to cool down overheated solar arrays spraying with water at a set interval and allowing their electrical efficiency to increase. pollen on solar PV panels reduce the system’s power and the efficiency of solar PV panels decreases as the operating temperature increase. The system is specialized for the large scale solar PV system markets ( Commercial market, utility scale market, etc.) – /

Post time: Nov-16-2017
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