Quick review of my new apc es 750 va (450 watt) ups that is being used with a quad core desktop. Since it has the apc name, I know that it is going to be very reliable and any servicing needed will be simple and easy. I bought this unit for multiple reasons, one being for the extra wattage (from 200 to 450 from my old es 350) and the green feature. The ups offers a lot of power and features, but lacks avr that many of it’s rivals have as standard. One thing to consider when buying this ups and others is the type of power they put out when on battery. This ups puts out a modified / jagged sine wave waveform, which is acceptable for most standard desktops and appliances, but certain desktops with pfc power supply units, nightlights and things like rechargable electrical shavers will not work well with the modified sine wave waveform. The unit has great build quality and is quality control checked before it leaves the factory. The design is also another plus with a shinny plastic insert (top of unit) surrounded by a durable black mat finish body. This is my second apc product (the first is 10 years old and counting) and seeing how well the first one has served me, I expect this unit to last at least the same. The only thing I have to worry about is the occasional battery replacement (2-4 years on average) and dusting around the top of the unit every now an then. I hope you guys enjoyed this review and if your interested in getting your own apc es 750, the unit is readily available in stores and online.

Post time: Jan-13-2018
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