Apc Symmetra Px Bypass Switch

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Item #: U76784. This is a Special Order Item. Please allow up to 7 business days for product to ship. Advances in large corporation computing, storage technologies, an increasing power demand, require a change in protection technology. Symmetra Px, three-phase input/three-phase output (3:3), is a single unit, composed of modular components. This architecture provides the foundation of building and scaling near-continuous availability with a flexible range of capacity. The Px packages the high requirements of easy and runtime scalability into a very small footprint. Combined with the complete line of Apc datacenter software and accessories it the four most critical elements of total protection. Device Type: Bypass switch plug-in moduleinput Voltage: Ac 400 Voutput Ac connector(s): Hardwire Customers also search for: Technologysurge, Ups and Batteriesups and Batteriesbypass Switches Discount Px Switch, Buy Px Px Sysw80kh,

Post time: Mar-11-2018
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