AGM Technology (Lead-Acid Cells)

AGM Technology (Lead-Acid Cells)Absorbend Glass Mat technology (AGM) was developed in the late 70′s.This technology uses a porous fiberglass mat impregnated with liquid electrolyte. In other words, the electrolyte is absorbed in the separators made of fiberglass placed between the electrodes. Micropores of the material are not filled with electrolyte completely. The empty space is used to recombine gases. Moreover, there are several hybrid technologies that improve batteries’ characteristics.Technology AGM is the further evolution of sealed lead-acid batteries. It is based on principles of stagnant electrolyte. As a result the resistance to vibration improves, the number of charge / discharge cycles increases significantly and the device is incredibly durable.Advantages of AGM technology:* Maintenance-free batteries * 100% safety when turning, 100% sealed* Easy to mount (can be mounted and operated in level position)* Tripled output* Wide temperature range* Low internal resistance* Effective Auto-Recovery

Post time: Feb-05-2018
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