88w Portable Folding Solar Panel Hi Efficiency


This is a non glass lightweight 88 Watt portable folding solar panel that is using 18% efficient mono crystalline solar cells to efficiently turn sunlight into electricity. Perfect for use with our portable solar power systems and water purification systems.

This is the most reasonably priced high efficiency portable solar panel available currently. Bulk buy discounts available.

Most folding solar panels are made with thin film solar cells which are only 7-9% efficient and because of the lower efficiency double the surface area is needed to produce the same amount of power as this 18% efficient solar panel. Hi Efficiency solar panels require half the surface area that thin film solar panels require to produce the same amount of power. Hi Efficiency solar panels = More power in 50% less space.

The 18% efficient mono crystalline solar cells used in the 88 watt solar panels degrade at a much slower rate compared to the less efficient thin film solar cells used in many other folding solar panels available on the market and this means that this panel when treated properly will produce more power for more years compared to alternative solar panels that are made from thin film solar cells.

Mono crystalline solar panels perform much better than thin film solar cells in hot environments.

The panels have grommets in the 4 corners of the panel to allow you to secure the panel to various different objects securely.

The panel is available in the following color options:

ACU Digital Camoflauge

Power Output Specs:

Pmax: 88 Watts
5.165 Amps
17.024 Volts
Open Circuit Voltage 20.38
Short Circuit Current is 5.727 Amps
Solar Cell Efficiency is rated at 18.4%

Size & Weight Specs:

8.1 pounds
23 x 12 x 2 inches when folded
48 x 23 x 1/8th of an Inch
7 square feet

Power Output Connectors:

SAE Twin-Plug Trailer Connector
Anderson Power Pole Connectors
Bare Leads to connect to solar charge controller

The panel is rated “IP65″ so its water and weather Proof, and of course its UV resistant.

Manufactured in the USA!

Panels are built to order, production time can take 1 week to 4 weeks depending on current production schedules.

Post time: Feb-28-2018
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