5000 Watt Power Inverter w/ 50 Amp Charger and Transfer Switch 12 Volt DC to 110 Volt AC (PIC-5000)


This newly designed heavy duty inverter is made to with stand movement and vibrations commonly experienced in mobile settings. With the addition of reinforced steel bars holding all the interior components in place, this heavy duty inverter is ideal for all mobile applications. Also included newly designed Automatic Transfer switch, which turns this inverter to the ultimate home backup power supply. Plug house hold devices in the inverter and when the house power is cut the battery power will transfer over automatically.
This 5000 Watt 12 Volt DC to AC Power Inverter is specially designed to perform under extreme conditions. This unit can provide over 40 amps of power which gives you the ability to power a large variety of electronics. From all types of battery chargers, TV’s, Power Tool (Power Drills, Saws, Pumps, Vacuums), microwaves, air conditioners, water pumps and air compressors. This unit also includes a hardwire kit that can be used to wire your inverter direct into your fuse panel box.

-5000 watts continuous power
-10000 watts peak power
-Provides 41.25 Amps
-DC input voltage: 10.5-15V
-Anodized aluminum case provides durability
-Built-in Cooling Fan
-Internal, Replaceable 30 Amp spade-type Fuses
-6 3 Prong 120 volt AC outlet
-Overload Indicator
-Power ON/OFF Switch
-Charge 50 Ampere Max
-Built-in Battery Charger & Automatic Transfer Switch
-Digital Amp~Wattage display Helps monitor overloads
-Hardwire Kit
-Free 100ft Range Wireless Remote
-3 FT Battery Cables Included

Post time: Feb-13-2018
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